Glynn Nicholas

Eureka Day

“Don (Nicholas) is the senior, the facilitator, the chair, the socks-and-sandals softie who likes to close meetings with meaningful readings of esoterica from Rumi. Glynn Nicholas embodies this man with absolute perception and impeccable comic timing. It is as if he was always meant to play the part which even encompasses a soupçon of mime, expertly reminding audiences of whence came this fine stage presence.”  Barefoot Reviewer

Eureka Day

State Theatre’s programming of Jonathan Spector’s Eureka Day was an act of perhaps unprecedented prescience since the play was slotted into the 2021 season long before the pandemic immersed us. It is not about Covid but about a school board’s response to an official medical edict when a case of mumps breaks out among the students. 

Glynn Nicholas, Certified Male
“Nicholas pumps laughter like Arnold Schwareneger pumps iron.”
Sunday Times

“Glynn Nicholas…enlivens his role with versatile tricks from his own trade store of mime, movement, timing and a certain glint in his eye.”
The Financial Review

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