Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision

Glynn Nicholas Group production 2006 to 2009

The prototype for Song Contest, the Almost Eurovision Experience, “Eurobeat hit its target bang on… the most exuberantly enjoyable musical to have opened in the West End since Hairspray. As the sign outside the theatre promises: you’ll laugh until the tears run down your legs.”
The Telegraph UK

Man Overboard is a play about men. Glynn Nicholas as Alex.

Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision

Eurobeat – almost Eurovision, the loving homage to the Eurovision Song Contest, described by Cameron Mackintosh as one of the most fun productions he has ever had in one of his theatres, had both himself and Graham Norton literally dancing in the aisles on opening night in London.
Glynn Nicholas Group produced and directed the 2006, 2007 and 2008 productions in Australia, Edinburgh and the United Kingdom. In 2007 it was the biggest grossing show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in 2008 it toured the UK for 20 weeks, followed by 3 months in the West End.


“You do not have to be a Eurovision fan to appreciate this take on Europe’s most popular song contest – you just need a pocket full of tissues to wipe away the tears of laughter.”

Adoring audience - Glynn Nicholas

“Destined to become this year’s major Australian cult musical, “Eurobeat” dazzles with kitschy brilliance and beguiles with its spoofy, all-embracing multicultural humor. With its sweetly naive take on national stereotypes, “Eurobeat” is an epically delirious hoot, equally engaging for those unfamiliar with the subject it’s lampooning and for those merrily in the know.”

Variety - Australia

“Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision at Pleasance Grand hits the spot. I reckon it’s going to be one of the mega hits of the fringe…Eurobeat is already packing them in and audiences are having a ball. …Several of the songs are actually much better than real Eurovision entries and the lyrics are often a clever mix of innocence and innuendo.….It works because it doesn’t insult the audience’s intelligence and always assumes that they will get the joke, and because the production values are high and the cast work their cotton socks off – and in some cases the rest of their wardrobes too. No, it’s not going to change your life and it is instantly disposable, but only the terminally high minded would be inclined to award this ludicrously silly and enjoyable show nul points.”


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