Glynn Nicholas

One-Man Shows

“A remarkably talented and discipline performer, with a wide range of skill and a beautifully relaxed stage presence. His delivery has a gentle refinement rare in Australian comedians, but common to the best of Australian performers.” THE AGE

One-Man Shows

Glynn Nicholas is probably best known for his series of stage productions which toured Australia from 1990 to 2006. These shows were mostly narrative- based with topical themes and Nicholas played a number of characters to tell the story.

The style included stand-up comedy, dance, mime, music and dramatic scenes.

Some of the shows held box office records for many years and were often co-written with long-time collaborator Scott Rankin.

They include Glynn with a Why, Wrung Out, Kissing Frogs, Pumping Irony, Crossing the Line, Leaves Falling at Midnight, Oh Come all Ye Stressful, Certified Male, and others

Glynn Nicholas, Kissing Frogs

“An outstanding performer. He combines so many skills to create a show that is full of warmth and understanding yet sharp, well observed and very, very funny.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“This show is a ripper, a spectacularly funny and entertaining display of talent, skill and exuberance.”

The Australian

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