Glynn Nicholas

Glynn Nicholas is a powerhouse of comedy and theatre. From a background of mime and the street smart skills of busking, to directing, producing, and starring in television and theatre performances around the world, you could say he has a trick or two up his sleeve. Welcome to his online home.

Show Time!

Glynn Nicholas likes a challenge. He has a passion for acting and directing and amongst his favourite people are dancers, comedians, musicians, singers, book keepers* and anyone who is able to make a living from their art.
Nicholas started his career as a busker and for many years he has been creating innovative theatre in Australia and overseas.
*They can do things he cannot.


Comedy comes in all shapes and sizes and in all styles from black to slapstick and Nicholas relishes working in every genre. He is one of Australia’s most talented physical comedians, an experienced stand-up comedian, an award-winning comic improvisor, mime, musician and actor.


Nicholas has worked worldwide directing with a diverse range of companies, festivals and individuals in many genres including theatre, cabaret, special events, variety, stand-up, comedy and musical theatre. Increasingly Nicholas works with public speakers, helping with content, stagecraft and delivery.


The Glynn Nicholas Group has created, managed and presented more than twenty original stage productions, one television series and a number of special events and concerts over the past twenty years. Shows have been licensed to several countries overseas and Nicholas collaborates with writers and other producers to create new Australian works for the domestic and international markets.

The thought crossed my mind that Mr Nicholas, a performer par excellence, needed something extra special for his one man show. Not a comedy – he’s a master of the art; not mime or music – he’s perfectly capable with these; not satire or direction – all immaculately handled. No, Glynn Nicholas needs a venue where he could be seen by thousands more in comfort.

– Sunday Telegraph

It is quietly terrifying to watch Glynn Nicholas begin his new comedy show. He appears so likeable, so vulnerable and modest, that an audience is immediately on the edge of their seats praying for his success. But this master of poignant comedy needs no-prayers…. His mime is precise, his card tricks awesome and his comedy narrative tip-toes through potentially dangerous balance of slow pathos and laughs.

– Sydney Morning Herald


Nicholas is an accomplished actor and presenter with an impressive list of roles in a number of genres. His theatre credits include Eureka Day with The South Australian Theatre Company in November 2021,  “A Comedy of Errors” with Melbourne Theatre Company, Les Liaisons Dangereuses with Sydney Theatre Company,  Pirates of Penzance with Esgee Entertainment and his various one man shows, notably Kissing Frogs, Crossing the Line,  Glynn with a Why?, Certified Male, Leaves Falling at Midnight and many more. In November 2021 Nicholas returns to the stage for the State Theatre of South Australia’s production of “Eureka Day.”


Nicholas loves writers, actors, dancers and performers of all kinds. He loves collaborating with a cast to create ways for them to shine and to find the best way to tell the story. He has worked with actors of renown in Australia, Europe and the UK and has studied with Larry Moss, Ivana Chubbuck, Kim Farrant and Ian Rickson.

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