Glynn Nicholas

Cruise Ships

“There is in Nicholas a fine lightness, a way of holding his audiences, however confidently, very gently in his most capable hands. He knows exactly how far to take a situation before finishing it off, usually unexpectedly.”
The Australian

Cruise Ships

Glynn Nicholas provides a number of shows that perfectly suit the ever-increasing cruise ship entertainment market.

From one-man shows to ensemble pieces, Glynn has a thorough understanding of what modern day cruise liners require.

Glynn Nicholas

“Glynn Nicholas sings, jokes, mimes, acts, mimics, magics and tap dances…unfortunately – and this is nit picking – he’s too talented for his own good. I wished he’d dropped just a couple of the skills to spend more time exploring the others. But what joy it is to criticize a show for have too much!”

Punch Magazine

“…but his delicate tone, humor and pathos in a single breath… makes his show much better than your average stand-up routine… a triumphant blend of satire and adulation.”

The Independant

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