Man Overboard (aka Certified Male)

Scott Rankin & Glynn Nicholas

“The comedy is brilliant….underneath all the macho bravado, they’re real people and you have to love them….Certified Male? Make that Certified Human.”
Courier Mail

Man Overboard is a play about men. Glynn Nicholas as Alex.

Man Overboard (aka Certified Male)

Man Overboard (also known as Certified Male) is a play comprising four actors and a piano player. It is the story of four affluent City consultants who visit a distant resort in order to discuss their company’s impending restructuring.

Alex, Howard, McBride and Jarrad leave the safety of their comfortable office and set off to a mystery destination where all manner of surprises await.  The boss, Jarrad, has told them that the company will be downsized, the underlying implication being that someone will not be returning to work on Monday.

This is an accessible, contemporary work that explores, in an emotive, yet very comical way, themes of manhood, mortality, friendship, the ‘absent father’, political correctness and long-term relationships.  The themes, story and characters resonate as much now as they did back when the play was written in 1999. In fact, in light of the recent #MeToo” campaign, the issues that men and women have to navigate today have become more relevant than ever.

The show features seven songs by Australian writers, including Paul Kelly, Mark Seymour, David Hosking and Dennis Aubrey.

Certified Male has had productions in several countries including South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, UK, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.


MAN OVERBOARD (aka Certified Male) by Scott Rankin and Glynn Nicholas.

A very funny, poignant stage coming coming soon to New York City.

“A genuinely funny. often hilarious, momentarily touching night at the theatre…. knockabout blokiness, mime and songs is a perfect platform for a piece about the business of being men. It’s a pleasure to see such exceptional comedic acting in a well-crafted, stylish production.”

The Age

“CERTIFIED MALE has developed into a classy, commercial blockbuster ready to take-on Broadway and the West End….the ideal education tool for women to understand men and men to understand themselves.”

Sunday Herald Sun

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