Certified Male (aka Man Overboard)

Scott Rankin & Glynn Nicholas

“The comedy is brilliant….underneath all the macho bravado, they’re real people and you have to love them….Certified Male? Make that Certified Human.”
Courier Mail

Man Overboard is a play about men. Glynn Nicholas as Alex.

Certified Male (aka Man Overboard)

Certified Male (aka Man Overboard)
“Certified Male is a crash course in performance styles. It is not enough that this sterling male quartet has to act, sing and dance. They also have to create worlds and objects from nothing. It is the physicality of this work, fused with clever writing that is the clincher”

Digs deep into the wounded recesses of the modern male psyche, but it does so with the lightest of touches. Truly, a wonderful show”

Features songs by Paul Kelly, Mark Seymour, David Hosking and Dennis Aubrey.

Certified Male has had independant productions in several countries including South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, UK, Scotland, Australia, Malta and New Zealand.


“Certified Male digs deep into the wounded recesses of the modern male psyche, but it does so with the lightest of touches….this taut 90-minute entertainment speaks up for the millions of chaps who aren’t coping particularly well with the brave new world of long hours, constant job insecurity and the complicated rules of the dating and mating game. Self-pity though, is not the order of the hour – joshing good humour is. What will happen to this show is anyone’s guess… this might go down a therapeutic treat in the West End”


Information Summary

“Certified Male is a touching, insightful, clever theatrical construct examining the role of men today…over 90 hugely entertaining minutes… marries surrealism, poignant monologues, an intriguing narrative, physical comedy, dramatic scenes and live music….combines an intellectual, analytical intelligence with an open heart… then entire production is underpinned with smart incidental music…it is a joy to see theatre and its’ conventions so skillfully played with; I already want to see it again.”   

The Scotsman

“CERTIFIED MALE has developed into a classy, commercial blockbuster ready to take-on Broadway and the West End….the ideal education tool for women to understand men and men to understand themselves.”

Sunday Herald Sun

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