Glynn Nicholas

Keynote Speaker

“The team are still talking about you now. They loved you!!! You are by far the best speaker I have seen.”
Jo, Metro Trains

Keynote Speaking

There are not many speakers in Australia who have the breadth of skills and experience as that of Glynn Nicholas – a consummate performer he is in a class of his own and his keynote address is exceedingly funny, insightful and genuinely uplifting.

A distillation of knowledge acquired from many years of practical experience in show business, leveled with a laconic wit from the perspective of a performer and also as a Producer and Director at the pointy end of the business. Glynn reveals what it’s really like mounting a production in the West End. What happens when your show becomes the unexpected hit of the biggest arts market in the world and everyone wants your show?  What happens when your sure-fire turns out to be a box office flop and you have to sell your house. Yup, that happened. This is a witty but comprehensive look at what goes on behind the scenes as well as on the stage…very entertaining and highly recommended.

No PowerPoints – just one man with an incredible array of performance abilities, an inspiring story and insights that audiences will find enlightening and challenging.

Topics covered

  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Staying relevant
  • Dealing with change
  • Is our affluence is making us miserable, fat and selfish?

Glynn Nicholas, Certified Male

“Glynn to the rescue !! I knew that you would be funny and that the audience would respond positively to you but did not expect, in the preparation time available, for the material that you prepared to be so relevant to the Advisers and their role in AMP. It hit all the right spots with the audience and you seemed to understand their world and feed it back to them with humour, pathos but most importantly with respect.
Your versatility, intelligence, humour and physical performance skills totally engaged the audience. My only dilemma is ? how I’m going to top that next year.’


“Feedback from many of our guests indicates that a great night was had by all … ..and it’s unanimous …..everybody loved your performance!!’

Fosters Brewing Group

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