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“There is no reason to believe that Song Contest Almost Eurovision – like the real thing – won’t develop a cult following to perhaps (or perhaps not) even rival The Rocky Horror Show!
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Man Overboard is a play about men. Glynn Nicholas as Alex.

Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest. Love it or loath it, over 220 million people in over 40 countries watch it, making it the biggest annual televised non-sporting event in the world.
SONG CONTEST  Almost Eurovision is a glitzy comedic homage that intuitively celebrates all the things we love and roll our eyes at about Eurovision
“Achingly funny ….as noisy as a pop concert mashed with an AFL game, but with more sequins. The more over-the-top it got, the funnier it became… a license for rampant partisanship, bribery and enthusiastic participation.”




“phenomenal performances with sexy choreography and powerhouse vocals… blew us away…trust us when we say it will be one of the best night’s out you’ll ever have….so much better than the real thing.”

“The energy at Song Contest is unlike any I have ever felt before at a new musical…costumes have more sequins, glitter and fabulous flair than Mardi Gras…a smorgasbord of European inspired pop hits…utterly hilarious… this is a laugh out loud musical gem”   5 STARS

Theatre People

“Song Contest was very loud and lots of fun. It’s hard to take off something as over the top as Eurovision, but they succeeded and the audience loved it. The singers were all excellent and better than many Eurovision competitors I have seen…this is a great night out.”

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