Glynn Nicholas


“…the play beats with the heart of a champion. Directed by Glynn Nicholas, this production is a get up and go show. Run to see it.”
The Australian Stage

Directing Experience

Glynn Nicholas’ approach to directing has been to work collaboratively with the script-writer and the actors to ensure the writing is in interpreted in the most honest, human and natural way possible.

He works with actors, public speakers, comedians, singers, burlesque performers, dancers and with professionals wishing to improve their public speaking capabilities.

Glynn has earned a reputation over the years for holding the “best auditions for a musical evah” by making sure the performer is relaxed, confident, happy and “present.”

Glynn Nicholas, Certified Male

“What happens over the course of 90 enthralling minutes is a luscious mix of ingredients that make a spicy, unexpected, twisting, turning narrative. The four characters are richly fashioned and the actors grab them with both hands and make the most of them. Director Glynn Nicholas steers the production with a light hand and, being an accomplished clown and mime in his own right, has also coached the actors in the art of training and handling an invisible greyhound –The Dapto Chaser  is funny, rude, illuminating and a fine play that’s meaningful and extremely entertaining. Not to be missed.”


“this is a show that surprises you at every turn..both the script and direction are blessed with an infectious wit that makes this the most surprising, intentionally derivative and yet original new musical of the year so far….. its joyful perpetuation and celebration of nationalist clichés can’t possibly offend, because it is done with such knowing affection.”



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