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“Can you help me with my new show? I can’t pay you, but I need help”
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Show Doctor/Mentor

Glynn Nicholas is often called upon by individual performers and producers to supply critical feedback on existing shows or performances. From Ensemble male reviews like Princes of the Night to individual keynote speakersGlynn has a gift for uncovering hidden jewels and making them work smoothly, naturally and in keeping with the style of the show or the individual
Glynn Nicholas loves to mentor others and believes it is one of the cornerstones to a healthy industry in the Arts.
Producing theatre can be particularly fraught with pitfalls and Nicholas is happy to share his experiences in the hope that others don’t make the same mistakes that he did more than 37 times.
Glynn is able to assist with content, building a team, budgeting, negotiating deals, marketing, seeking investors and branding.

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“Glynn do you accept credit card?”

Percy Lamline

“Glynn, thanks so very much for the help with my presentation, the changes are amazing. Sorry to hear you were attacked by a polar bear.”

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